Franchise Now

Your business is awesome!

You know that franchising it might be the key to expansion on a larger scale but don’t know where to start.

You are ambitious and hungry for success however franchising seems like a minefield and the great unknown.

I completely get it!  I felt EXACTLY the same before I franchised my business for the first time. 

Franchising a business usually costs between £20,000 – £50,000.  I personally spent somewhere in the middle of that when I franchised my business.  I make this an accessible, enjoyable journey filled with peer support and some fun along the way.

How To Franchise Your Business

People at “normal” business networking meetings didn’t seem to fully understand.  I had to find my own way.  I had to pay thousands and thousands of pounds and make many, many mistakes before I got it right.   Let me help you grow your business through franchising.   Learn from the things that went pear shaped for me and the things I have discovered to really work to save you time and money.  I’ve walked the walk and am not just talking the talk.

Franchise faster by letting me share my experiences with you and scale your FABULOUS business beyond your wildest dreams.  You can reach more people with your offering, you can make more money and you can transform your life BUT it needs to be done properly.

Franchising is not for you if you want a quick get rich quick scheme.

Do you:

  • have a business idea that has heart and passion at the core?
  • genuinely care about your customers?
  • really want to serve more people on a BIG scale with your product or service?

Then let’s get down to business!

Choose one of the options below to get started. Either can be redeemed against the Full Franchise My Business Package if you decide to go ahead and Franchise Your Business with Jo.

Note: Not every business is suitable / ready to franchise, nor is franchising right for every one. Therefore Jo would rather not offer you a “one cap fits all” package to franchise your business but get to know more about your business, your plans and work together on a strategy call first to make sure that it is the right fit.

1:1 Zoom Strategy Call

Get Clarity on Your Strategy and Traction on Your Action! 

In this high energy 90 minute intensive strategy call you will:

1. Get clarity on your business vision

2. Understand how to achieve it

3. Prepare a defined plan of action

4. Define your self accountability buzz points

5. Schedule your success plan to make it happen

Franchising For Beginners

Go From Confused to Clear in 5 Simple Steps!

Exciting Masterclass with 5 simple steps giving you clarity on:

• if franchising is for you

• who you need to be to franchise

• who you need to know

• what you need to do

• the important documents you need to prepare

•key franchising terminology

and much, much more!

Full Franchise My Business Package

Nothing grows in a comfort zone!

1:1 specialist franchising service over 6 months with monthly 90 minute calls, unlimited emails and complimentary membership of the Franchising Made Easy group for peer support, masterclasses and much more!


Whether you want more info on our Bootcamp, working with Jo, questions answered or just to say "Hi!". 

Reach out by using the contact form, emailing in or messaging us on social media. 

Looking forward to getting your message! 

 Luv J x